Redondeo 2017

Brand video.

Our company Acid Mustard was fortunate enough to be hired to create 2 videos for the Smart supermarkets and their “Redondeo” campaign in Ciudad Juárez, where people are asked to round their change in the register to donate the money for different causes. This time around the cause was the non profit organization “Casa del migrante” which helps migrants who were unable to make it to the U.S. or that were deported so they can start over. I was In charge of the script, art direction and animation on one of the videos.

Fuimos afortunados de trabajar para Casa del Migrante para crear dos videos para su campaña de redondeo con el supermercado Smart en Ciudad Juárez. Estuve a cargo del guión, dirección de arte y animación de uno de ellos.

Casa del Migrante
Produced by Acid Mustard

Motion Graphics
Art direction